Inter-facility Transfer Guidelines

In 2006 the Institute of Medicine published “Growing Pains,” reporting that, although, pediatric patients comprise 27% of emergency visits; many hospitals and EMS agencies are not well equipped to handle pediatric patients. IEMSC seeks to reduce gaps in care provided to children across the state. National State Program initiatives include ensuring that hospitals have written interfacility transfer guidelines for pediatric patients to provide timely transfer to pediatric or tertiary referral centers when medically necessary.

Interfacility Transfer Guidelines/Memorandums of Understanding

Interfacility agreements serve as a standard operating procedure set between Hospital A (the transferring hospital) and Hospital B (the receiving hospital).

Pediatric Readiness Toolkit

Everything you need to develop interfacility guidelines and agreements.

This comprehensive toolkit has examples and resources to help prepare your emergency department for pediatric emergencies. You will find resources on QI processes, Nurse Coordinator Role, Equipment Checklists, Interfacility Transfer Agreements/Guidelines, Sample Policies/Procedures/Protcols and much more.

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