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Indiana Emergency Medical
Services for Children

3930 Georgetown Road
Indianapolis, IN 46254

TEL: 317.630.7742
FAX: 317.656.4125

Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator

Useful links are now available to Indiana's hospital personnel caring for pediatric patients in the hospital setting.

Indiana's Pediatric Readiness Data

This shows where are current gaps in care are and how we can improve.  Click here for Indiana's Pediatric Readiness Data.

What can you do to help?

1. Look at the IN Pediatric Readiness Data.

2. Evaluate your emergency department and find out what items on the list your ED might have deficits in.

3. Check out the toolkit that is available that gives you tools and samples that you could use in your department.

4. Contact Margo at margo.knefelkamp@indianapolisems.org to be placed on the listserv so you can get valuable updates and come to the annual meeting.  Also contact her with any questions.

5. Get others in your department engaged.  We need you as a champion to advocate for children.  Kids need YOU!


Click here for the Pediatric Readiness Toolkit


The Pediatric Readiness Toolkit includes resources on the following topics:

Administration and Coordination

Physician, Nurse, and other ED Staff

QI/PI in the ED

Pediatric Patient Safety

Policies, Procedures, and Procotols

Equipment, Supplies, and Medications


Let us know how we can help you get started!  We are here to help.