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Asthma Outreach
Treat the Streets
Indianapolis EMS

3930 Georgetown Road
Indianapolis, IN 46254

TEL: 317.384.4685
FAX: 317.656.4125

Elizabeth Weinstein, MD

Principal Investigator

Unnati Patel

Program Manager

Treat the Streets - Prehospital Pediatric Asthma Intervention to Improve Health Outcomes



  1. Prevent ED and Hospital Readmission
    Utilize EMS services to rapidly incorporate evidence-based public health and prevention strategies within the existing network of care.

  2. Improve Health Care Access
    Utilize community paramedicine model to ensure that right care is available to patients at the right time and at the right venue.

  3. Develop the Workforce
    Develop and deploy a workforce of specially trained out-of-hospital care providers to implement various prevention and intervention strategies.

  4. Research, Data Analysis, and Dissemination
    Conduct research, analyze data, and disseminate results regarding impact of the pediatric community paramedicine model on ED recidivism rates and enhanced paramedic scope of practice.

  5. Sustainability
    Recommend reimbursement strategies for bundled community paramedicine services provided by EMS.