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About iEMSC
Indiana Emergency Medical
Services for Children

3930 Georgetown Road
Indianapolis, IN 46254

TEL: 317.630.7742
FAX: 317.656.4125

Performance Measures

National State Partnership Program Initiatives

EMSC focuses on improving the quality of emergency care for children, and seeks to integrate children’s interests into the existing EMS system.

  • Ensure and support EMS Agencies to submit National EMS Information System (NEMSIS) compliant version 3.x data to the State EMS Office, have a designated individual who coordinates pediatric emergency care, and a process that requires EMS Providers to physically demonstrate the correct use of pediatric-specific equipment.
  • Develop hospital emergency department recognition program to utilize pediatric readiness benchmarking to improve facility readiness statewide.
  • Support hospital emergency departments recognized through a statewide system that are able to stabilize and/or manage pediatric trauma.
  • Ensure hospitals have written interfacility transfer guidelines and transfer agreements for pediatric or tertiary referral centers when medically needed.
  • The degree to which Indiana has established permanence of EMSC program. Each year: EMSC Advisory Board has required members and meets 4 times a year, pediatric representation on EMS Board, state requires pediatric representation on EMS Board, on full time EMSC Manager dedicated solely to the EMSC program.
  • Integrate EMSC priorities into state statues or regulations.