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About iEMSC
Indiana Emergency Medical
Services for Children

3930 Georgetown Road
Indianapolis, IN 46254

TEL: 317.630.7742
FAX: 317.656.4125

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iEMSC videos
Check out the Indiana EMSC Mission, Serving Emergency Health Care Providers, and
School Nurse Education and Training videos. Click Here


Pediatric Protocol Resource Toolkit
Check out the Texas EMSC pediatric protocol resource that has links to local, regional, and national resources that are evidence based.
Click Here

The Pediatric Readiness Toolkit is now available, check it out!


Is Your Child in the Right Car Seat? Click this link to find out more. http://www.nhtsa.gov/Safety/CPS


NHTSA Survey Shows More Children Riding in Age-Appropriate Restraints.                   

Click here to read more.


Progress of Evidence-Based Guidelines for Prehospital Emergency Care.                 

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